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We work to dramatically improve the lives of over half a million people living in rural poverty.

Who we are

Since 1988 we have raised £3.5 million to fund a variety of community led rural development projects through our partners in Tamil Nadu, India.

The rural poor in Tamil Nadu lead lives of hardship and poverty. Unemployment is widespread and wages are low with families often having to exist on an annual income of less than £250 per annum. The benefits of India’s recent economic growth have not yet reached the rural poor, nor are they expected to for some time.

With our partners, SCAD, we are working to improve the lives of the most deprived communities in Tamil Nadu.

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25 years and stronger than ever!

Latest News

World Water Day 2017

World Water Day gives us the opportunity to raise awareness of one of the biggest challenges facing our world today. Today, there are over 633 million people living without access to safe water – 77 million of these people live in India, 3.6 million of these people live in Tamil Nadu. The theme this year […]

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SOTE’s 2017 Project Work

As we enter a new phase of SOTE we wanted to share some of the exciting project work we will be supporting from 2017. SOTE’s vision of a world where rural communities have access to opportunity, dignity, equality and sustainable livelihoods remains the same and to achieve this we will continue to support women’s empowerment, health […]

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News from CARE!

Read about the work of one of our partners in Tamil Nadu, CARE Foundation.   Education Promotion Since June 2016, 37 former child beggars have started attending school. Previously, these children were begging at temples and on the streets of Chennai. This was extremely unsafe and often children received just one meal a day. Since June […]

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News from CRUSADE!

Read about the activities from one of our partner organisations in Tamil Nadu, Centre for Rural Systems and Development (CRUSADE).   Cancer Screening Camps There is high prevalence of cervical cancer among rural women due to unhygienic practices, lack of awareness, non affordability and non-availability of facilities for early detection and treatment. CRUSADE organises breast and cervical cancer […]

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Why is SOTE’s work in rural India so important?

The straightforward answer to this question is because, according to the Global Multidimensional Poverty Index (MPI), 36.9% of people living in rural India are in severe poverty. So, the projects SOTE support in rural India work to reduce this percentage and lift India’s global reputation as well as improving the lives of people living in […]

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